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Mott Hall Tutoring

Sunday January 22, 2006

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Work with kids on film production!

A class of 5th graders has been following current events. Each student learned about an ongoing issue in the news, and wrote a script about their topic. Volunteers with video making and editing experience (amateur or professional) are needed to help with the second part of the project. A select group of students will deliver their scripts on camera in television/talk-show format. This part of the project helps the students build their confidence and public speaking skills and gets them excited about video technology and filmaking. The class meets on Thursdays or Fridays at 8AM. The filming should only take 2-3 class sessions.

8:00 AM

Mott Hall School; 131st St. and Convent Avenue (in West Harlem, 5 minute walk from the 125th Street ACBD stop)

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