Connecting busy New Yorkers to volunteer opportunities - and each other


Since 1987, Street Project has been a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization entirely run by volunteers. We serve as an important bridge between worthy charitable organizations that need volunteers and enthusiastic young professionals who are looking to get involved.

Created by busy people for busy people, we know that every minute counts. That's why we offer a wide variety of volunteer projects that can fit just about anyone's schedule. Most projects take place on Saturdays and do not require a recurring weekly or even monthly commitment.

Plus, we know that young professionals in the city are looking to meet other people who share their commitment to giving back, so we bring our members together in regular member socials. Our membership draws upon a diverse base of young professionals from a variety of industries from finance, law, education, publishing, fashion, arts, architecture and everything in between. We attract people ranging from just out of college to well into their 30's, proving that this isn't an apathetic generation.

All of our members share a commitment to helping out in their city and an interest in connecting with other people who feel the same way.