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Helping Hands

Helping Hands volunteers spend a couple of hours each month helping to refurbish public school buildings in New York City. Volunteers primarily assist with painting work. Each volunteer is usually paired up with a student. This opportunity can be used to set a great example for the budding youth. Being a part of changing a student's learning environment with color can yield positive results beyond your imagination.

Upcoming Events

Signup! Helping Hands With Publicolor - Sat, 10/28/17

Please join Street Project and Publicolor in painting Longwood Preparatory Academy in the Bronx and mentoring students for the day. Publicolor aims to engage at-risk youth and improve their education by establishing and implementing design-based programs that use the power of color and collaboration to transform and revitalize institutional public spaces. You will be matched with a teenager and act as mentor for the day. No painting experience required. We will teach everything you need to know. Please wear painting clothes and shoes. We use odor-free latex paint that will wash out of your hair and skin but not out of your clothes. Gloves will also be provided. The project runs from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM (with an hour for lunch).

Project Leader(s) - Send a message

Amanda Basler

Maria Piccolino

Ada Sim