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Bingo with Seniors

Street Project is proud to announce a new initiative with Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation to provide their elderly residents, many wheel chair bound, much needed social interaction! The Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation was recently cited by the Mayor's office for setting the standard in compassionate and quality care for older New Yorkers. Cabrini provides the elderly with the best of two worlds. A modern, up-to-date 240-bed facility and a century-old tradition of compassionate care. This Center offers nursing and rehabilitation care in a home-like environment.

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Signup! Bingo with seniors! - Sun, 11/18/18

Join us for a fun filled afternoon of Bingo with the nursing home residents! You do not need to know how to play-we will teach you! All we need are enthusiastic, friendly, compassionate volunteers. Many of the residents are wheelchair bound and do not get any visitors. This is an opportunity to provide them with much needed social interaction. Volunteer responsibility primarily includes assisting the residents in playing bingo. We do require volunteers to bring the residents to the elevators and take them back as well. We request all volunteers to bring a bingo prize. You can bring anything reasonable within your budget. Suggested prizes include a magazine, a word search book, hand cream, natural lip balms, or flowers. **PLEASE DO NOT BRING EDIBLE PRIZES**If you want to be more generous, you are more than welcome to bring anything else that you think a senior would love. But please do NOT bring any used items. Please bring new items ONLY. Thank you!

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