We are a grassroots community of young professionals who are passionate about giving back.

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No training. No long-term commitment. Just lend a hand, when you can.

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We support a variety of causes that help the people of our city. From serving delicious meatloaf to soup kitchen guests to playing bingo with seniors to making a NYC park more beautiful. Register as a volunteer, pick your cause, and sign up for an event that fits your schedule. It’s that easy!

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Lend a hand, whenever you can.

All of our events take place on weekends to work around your busy weekday schedule. Give back to your community on a weekend date that works for you and, even better, bring your friends!

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What we do really makes a big impact. When you’re there, you can touch and see the physical clothes these women will be wearing. It’s important for me as a woman to give back to that community. It’s really powerful.

Annalise M. (Volunteer, Project Leader)

Street Project is the Zocdoc for volunteering! I work in the philanthropic sector, but I still would have no idea how to find amazing hands-on, role-your-sleeves-up, make-a-difference volunteer opportunities if it wasn’t for Street Project!

Megan P. (Volunteer)

Say hello to fun, easy, and flexible volunteering.

No minimum hours required. No training or special skills. Just your time and a drive to give back.

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