Frequently Asked Questions


While we do encourage our volunteers to sign up for projects with friends, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to arrange for large group volunteer events for most of our projects. Parks Revitalization is the one project that can handle large groups. Other projects may have the capacity for groups of up to 10 volunteers. In either case, all volunteers sign up individually on the website.

No. All Street Project volunteers must be 18 years or older. We suggest you find a volunteer opportunity through VolunteerMatch.

No. For liability reasons, every Street Project participant must be over the age of 18.

No. For liability reasons, our Project Leaders are not able to sign-off on court-appointed or otherwise required community service documentation.

Street Project is flexible enough to accommodate nearly everyone’s schedule. Some volunteers in our community commit several hours a week, while others participate only when they can. The majority of our activities meet once a month on Saturdays.

Absolutely! Street Project encourages its volunteers to explore several activities in order to find the best fit. Many volunteers in our Street Project community participate in more than one project at a time. Since projects are spread throughout the month or year, volunteers have the chance to try new activities.

There is no typical Street Project participant. Our volunteers are as diverse as New York City itself and come from all backgrounds, industries and professions, including finance, law, education, publishing, fashion, the arts and architecture.

Street Project requires all volunteers read and digitally sign standard volunteer policies, disclaimers and other legal documents. These will appear on the registration page when you sign up as a volunteer.

Members of the Executive Board vote on your application for approval to join the Street Project volunteer leadership team. Contact us to learn more about open positions!