Let’s give back to New York City together.

We are a not-for-profit, grassroots, and 100% volunteer-run organization,so your contributions in time, donations, and partnership go a long way in supporting our mission to serve and connect the people of New York City.

You may obtain information on charitable organizations,such as tax forms, from the New York State Office of the Attorney General at www.charitiesnys.com or by calling (212) 416-8816.

There are three (3) ways of helping:



We connect busy, young professionals with flexible volunteer opportunities to give back to the community.

Volunteer with us

“I absolutely believe that Street Project has a positive effect on all participants, whether it be volunteers or members of the community. It provides an atmosphere that is imbued with positive energy.”

- Ellie G., Volunteer


Donations are vital for the future of the Street Project community and mission. We ensure every dollar goes to our efforts to leave a deep and lasting impact for the people of our city.

Donate to our efforts

“Street Project very carefully manages every donation to ensure it goes back to the community.”

- Katie F., Volunteer and Donor


Street Project partners with organizations in New York City both to provide volunteers to existing programming and to add new programming.

Partner with us

“Volunteer groups like Street Project help the Friends of Ft. Tryon Park plan larger scale beautification projects at the park like gardening, clearing, painting, etc., than the group would be able to do on its own. Over the many years that we’ve partnered with Street Project, volunteers have made a large difference in the experience that New Yorkers have in this beautiful park. ”

- Gwendolyn B., Street Project Partner