Meet Our Leadership Team

Connect with like-minded people over a shared interest to help others.

Executive Board
  • Susan Raffel

    Executive Directors

  • Ken Fong

    Director of Administration

  • Alice Liu

    Director of Finance

  • Emily Yu

    Director of Fundraising

  • Christina Hu

    Director of Project Operations

  • Alexandra Hough

    Director of Member Development

  • OPEN

    Director of Communications

  • Gibran Cruz

    Director of Technology

Project Leaders

Bingo with Seniors

  • Stephanie Bailis
  • Shanna Lowe

Career Gear

  • OPEN


  • Meagan Mobley

Dress for Success

  • Alexandra Hough
  • Cierah Sargent
  • Claire Su

Helping Hands

  • Emily Yu
  • Adela Nogueira

Park Revitalization

  • Christopher Zappala

University Soup Kitchen

  • Natasha Merez
  • Shelley Yang
  • Adela Nogueira

Urban Adventures

  • Amy Raffel
  • Ana Boksay
Our Partners